What to wear to school is accorded appropriate attention at IUDS. This is because school attire should reflect good taste and respect for the instructional environment. As a demonstration school, our students learn by doing. The implication is a unique blend of school, work and play appropriate modes. So, dressing should be simple, sturdy, neat and clean. Shoes and sneakers must always be in good repair. We have categorized three dressing modes:

Dress Up Days (DUDs)
Throughout the school year, field trips and special events are organized for IUDS students. On such days, dressing reflects the nature of the event. The particular style of dress recommended for DUDs will be communicated in advance of the event.

Dress Neutral Days (DNDs)
On DNDs students must choose their dressing from any of IUDS’s customized tops. These come in different colors, with engraved IUDS logo. They can be worn with properly fitted Khaki-like and chinos pants/shorts, skirts or trousers, denim, and presentable leggings (not athletic leggings). While all colors are permissible, students should not wear traditional blue colored denims.

Dress Down Days (DDDs)
On DDDs dress is casual. Students may wear jeans (not blue), sweatpants, or shorts along with t-shirts, tops and sweatshirts of their choosing. Girls can also wear Capri pants. As a general note, dress should fit well and be free from holes and paint spots. Spaghetti straps and yoga pants are not allowed. Equally, piercings, haircuts, and hair colorings that are deemed by administration as distracting are not allowed.


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