loLower school at IUDS consists of grades 1-5. Thanks to our special language support programs, students can join the IUDS lower school at any grade. Acknowledging the fact that lower school students from IUDS preschool were richly exposed to English phonetics, the special language support program works to bring new students, without prior knowledge of English language, at par with them.

Lower school curriculum

The Lower School curriculum is addapted from AERO Common Core Plus and developed in line with the best practices in independent schools. The curriculum encourages and challenges the academic, social, emotional, physical and creative domains of education. The core academics are blended with extra-curricular activities. These activities, not only complements classroom learning, but also inspires students to confidently explore and problem solve. Teaching at the Lower school is done by native English teachers with international exposure.



06 BP 2556 ABIDJAN 06.
Cocody, Riviera-Bonoumin, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
1km from Abidjan mall/2.6km from CNPS Angré, Not far from St Joseph catholic church

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