miMiddle school at IUDS consists of grades 6, 7 and 8. At the middle school, the language grounding is fully established for non-anglophones that joined the school from the Lower School. Students can comfortably pursue their courses across academic discipline using English as working languages.

Our special language support programs are still maintained to ensure that students joining the school at the middle grades are given individual attentions. In addition, need based language assistance is maintained, at intermediate level, for regular non-anglophone students to enhance their native command of English.

The middle school team is well equipped to ensure a safe and supportive environment needed to address the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of these students who are at their transitional stage. From this early adolescence, they are encouraged to take greater responsibilities for their own intellectual growth. Instead of a single classroom approach, they pursue their academic subjects in different classes.

Graduating from IUDS middle school, students become independent and better equipped to perform the abstract thinking and critical analysis that they require for a high school program.

Middle School Curriculum

The middle school curriculum, adapted from AERO Common Core Plus reflects a holistic view of education and emphasizes mastery of life-long learning skills. From core academics, with complete integration of information technology skills and specials, to educational trips, the inspiration remains high throughout these three bridging and exciting years.



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