pre1Pre school experience at IUDS is a wonderful one for all of us teachers, parents and the infants. This, not only marks the beginning of a regular organized interactions with other infants (peers) outside the family house, but also the first exposure to a foreign language for many infants, and in some cases, for parents. Our pre-school students have the full comfort of highly interactive setting which help to ensure easy acclimatization. We at IUDS understand that learning at this level goes hand-in-hand with play. So, the classrooms are richly resourced to encourage play. Our highly qualified and experienced pre-school teachers ensure the students are properly guided towards exploring sensory experiences.

The cognitive, physical, social and emotional development of each child is highly emphasized through our low student-teacher ratio. Our faculty sees each child as an individual, and provides opportunities for them to, not only discover themselves and the world around them, but also develop the much needed curiosity for further learning.

A unique feature of IUDS pre-school program is leveraging the curiosity in kids into laying a solid English phonetic foundation. This is skillfully integrated into all curriculum and extra-curriculum activities of the children. For non-Anglophone, a special English-language support is offered. These special supports classes are provided in an exciting small group setting allowing for one-to-one attention.

IUDS pre-school covers Pre-kindergarten, kindergarten 1, and kindergarten 2. Progressively, the infants evolve from early exploration and play groups to reading and writing ready pre-school graduates.

Pre-school curriculum

Pre2Our preschool curriculum is designed to foster exploration and play. Interactive instructional and play activities are readily available to promote a balance in social/emotional and motor development. Again, subject areas and classroom materials are broadened as students advance through the preschool grades. The Preschool students are engaged in the following areas: Building playdough, painting/drawing, working manipulative playing outside, using Gym equipments, Exploring nature & discovering of the world, dancing/singing, playing imaginatively, playing rhyming games, listening to stories read aloud, movement, science, social studies, art, listening comprehension, oral language, exploration of written language, mathematics and music.



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